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How Debt Consolidation Works
3 things will happen when you finally decide to consolidate your debts.

1st-You fill out the short On-Line form and submit it to us.
You will then be contacted and given the specifics on how you can best be helped!

2nd- Negotiations with your creditors:
After all of the necessary information is received about your debts and finances, your creditors are negotiated with on your behalf.

ALSO - The Harassing Phone Calls will Stop!
When we contact your creditors we will let them know that you are currently working with us in putting together a "Debt Consolidation" plan. At this point all harassing phone calls will stop. If any collection agency or creditor calls you, just give them the customer service number and it will be taken care of
  • Lower Your Monthly Payments To One You Can Afford
  • Eliminate Or Reduce Your High Interest rates
  • Eliminate Late & Over Limit Fees
  • Re-Age your status to current again, saving your credit rating
3rd- Approve the agreement
You will be given the negotiated settlement to you for your approval. Once this process is complete all you need to do is start mailing out your NEW LOWER monthly payments.

Debt free, free at last.
Due to the eliminated or reduced interest rate, most of your payment will be paying off principal instead of interest as before. The debts will be paid off in 2 to 4 years in most cases, instead of 20 to 30 years. This will result in saving you thousands of hard earned dollars in finance charges